Case Studies

Raising standards in safety management is not easy but, given the losses incurred, is extremely important. Across every industry and geography, the impact that can accumulate from injury, downtime and the cost of failure means that all organisations need to rise to this challenge. 

Whatever the setting, a certain category of root causes is always present: human factors. SafeStart addresses this vital element, helping clients to dramatically reduce rates of accident and injury – all in a sustainable way across their full spectrum of locations.  The case studies below detail SafeStart implementations that have led clients to success in safety and into wider business performance.


Yamana Gold

After evaluating diverse behavioural programs to strengthen the Yamana Management System and improve the workplace safety culture, Mineração Maracá decided to implement SafeStart. Find out why and read the many examples and success indicators of their safety programs.

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Strad Energy Services

SafeStart programmes made Strad’s manufacturing operations effective and helped bring down Total Recordable Injury Frequency(TRIF) by an inspiring 87%. But for Strad, it’s more than just numbers… It’s a chance to save lives.

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has an active commitment to help individuals and organisations “Make the most of their energy”. Find out how SafeStart helped Schneider Electric to get its people to think more about Safety.

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Wellpark Brewery

There is no task so critical that it can’t be completed in a safe way. The Wellpark Brewery, now owned by C&C Group, slashed the number of lost-time accidents once SafeStart was implemented.

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United Biscuits UK

Keeping the cookie from crumbling: having implemented SafeStart, this renowned manufacturer saw the injury rate fall to 20 percent of what it had been before.

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Michelin Brazil

Having produced high-performance tyres for well over a century, Michelin is synonymous with safe driving: the company’s unit in Brazil nonetheless found a way to boost safety on-site – thanks to SafeStart.

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Heineken Brazil

Heineken set out to end work-related accidents through pinpointing employee behaviour from the outset using our programme: the impact was striking.

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Vector Construction

Having met with great success when implemented in a single unit, directors were delighted to put every single employee through SafeStart.

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Givaudan Brazil

Assessing their rates of global accidents, multinational manufacturer Givaudan realized that their losses due to lost-time injuries had a serious impact on their contestability.

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