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Defenceless Moments – A Different Perspective on Serious Injuries and Fatalities

“So that was by far the worst injury or incident of my life, but it was hardly the most dangerous hike, let alone the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.”

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COVID-19. The Personal Battle with Critical Errors and Complacency Drift

The article COVID-19 The Personal Battle with Critical Errors and Complacency Drift by SafeStart’s Author and CEO, Larry Wilson, explains how the four Critical Error Reduction Techniques (CERTs) can help us to make better decisions, fewer errors and be more alert during and post-pandemic.

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Slips, Trips and Falls: Paradigm Shift

When it comes to slips, trips and falls, what is really more important: what you stumble on or the hurrying? How many times have you slipped, tripped or fell because you were rushing? Can you even begin to count? When you’re done reading this article, hopefully you won’t just hurry along as if nothing ever happened. And hopefully this will be because of some significant paradigm shifts, which will give you a different perspective—and hence, a different set of tools to help prevent slips, trips and falls—significantly.

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Safety and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is more than a corporate buzz phrase: Instead, its impacts will be huge. But what will they look like in terms of safety? Will accidents be finally eliminated? Will we be immune to making errors? What’s the role of human factors in all that?

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Safety Culture and Organisational Change

Need to transform Organisational and Safety Culture where you are? Put aside culture and make change your explicit goal. We set out the elements of an effective plan for change and describe the pitfalls you can avoid along the way.

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The Human Factors

Companies can repeatedly display safety charts, write policies, and conduct seminars on risk, but come what may, will be unable to dictate a key contingency in safety at work: human behaviour. This piece digs in to human factors including particular features of the individual mindset, organisational elements and behavioural patterns.

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