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Yamana Gold

Yamana Gold is a leading global gold mining company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada with a significant presence across the Americas. Mineração Maracá Indústria e Comércio S.A. (MMIC)  is a company owned by Yamana Gold that runs a gold and copper open mine. The company located in Brazil has been operating since 2007 and has produced 3 TONS of gold and more than 52,000 TONS of copper in 2016, which were exported primarily to India.

SafeStart at Yamana Gold

Mineração Maracá decided to implement SafeStart in 2012 as the programme did not interfere with existing operational rules and procedures and also because it went beyond workplace safety by giving employees resources they can take home to their families. Over 3000 employees and contractors and over 800 children have been trained in SafeStart since 2012. Mineração Maracá saw a reduction in accidents requiring work stoppage, particularly with third party contractors that also led the company to exceed records in the production volume of copper and gold concentrate.

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