SafeStart draws on decades of experience in workplace safety around the globe. This understanding has been distilled into the straightforward safety guides collected here: both accessible and practical, they can help guide your organisation and your employees towards a sustainable safety culture – not only in the workplace, but also at home and behind the wheel.

How to Make Habits Stick

When it comes to safety, everyone knows that good habits are essential. Less than 10% of people actually reach their goals when trying to create new habits. Most of the things we do every day are habitual. Learning to change or form new habits is…

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Raising the Bar: A Safety Guide to Working at Heights

Putting fall protection in place when required stands to reason: health and safety authorities understandably provide official guidelines on the topic. However, the immediate and long-term effects of a fall can be easily overlooked.

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Solving Slips, Trips and Falls Once and For All

Distracted workers cause 54 percent of slip, trip and fall incidents. Our guide describes the leading physical and human elements that come into play in such cases, alongside hands-on remedies to this set of risk factors.

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Driving Distraction Away

The responsibility to pre-empt driver distraction isn’t something to leave to vehicle designers alone, but can be dramatically addressed by showing individuals how to stay alert in situations where distraction might become an issue. This guide furnishes the techniques and advice needed to cut to the heart of the distraction challenge.

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Providing the Best PPE is no Guarantee

PPE and attractive design are no longer always mutually exclusive: even so, workers can be disinclined to wear appropriate equipment. Find out what is driving the human behaviours around PPE and how to better comply with PPE requirements.

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