Lucas Martinucci

Position at SafeStartHead of Global Marketing
Location / CountryCuritiba / Brazil

Let’s bring safety to the dinner table.


Multicultural background for a global position with SafeStart

Born in Brazil of Italian descent, Lucas has been the marketing leader for SafeStart International since day one. His strong marketing abilities, plus his experience of having lived in different countries and working across different cultures for many years, make him the perfect match for a global role. He is responsible for all marketing activities and strategies behind SafeStart in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Lucas’ previous experiences

Lucas is a business executive with an enormous wealth of international experience and the ability to connect with people. He spent his last 15+ years with different multinationals, performing global marketing as well as occupying sales roles.  He has been working in the safety field for the last ten years, making sure people understand the real value of living a 24/7 safety lifestyle.  As a Global Marketing Leader, Lucas likes to say he wants to bring safety to the dinner table, or, in other words: he wants families, when they gather, to know how to address safety in daily conversations.  His specialties are:

  • communication and marketing strategy
  • direct marketing
  • content development
  • copywriting
  • digital marketing
  • lead generation
  • event organisation
  • building strong and reliable marketing teams

With his results-driven mindset, Lucas has also successfully worked as Sales Manager for Latin America on many occasions, training and equipping the team as well as promoting and selling a variety of safety products in the region.

Why SafeStart? The human factors

Being a sports fanatic and athlete himself, Lucas’ understanding of how the human factors were affecting his daily activities and performance on and off the job was crucial to changing his own attitude towards safety. He is now an ardent advocate for SafeStart and is motivated by the same desire as Larry Wilson to take SafeStart everywhere, not only into business organisations, but also to all communities, schools and athletic teams.

A communications approach

Lucas’ marketing and safety knowledge puts him in a position to act as an advisor to SafeStart clients looking for start-up ideas to launch the programme within their organisations. Based on his experiences, he also acts as:

  • Marketing consultant for SafeStart clients
  • Advisor and coach for marketing, sales and leadership teams
  • Head of Global Marketing.