Claudia Pruner

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Position at SafeStartManaging Director, SafeStart International
Location / CountryCuritiba / Brazil

Safety First, Safety Always.


Position and key responsibilities with SafeStart

Since 2016, Claudia Pruner manages SafeStart Latin America, combining her vast experience in marketing and sales with her Business Leader role to stimulate the growth of one of the most diverse SafeStart offices. Her objective point of view and decision-making profile helped her to launch the offices in Brazil and Mexico as well as hiring local consultants in many South American countries. She is also active and zealous in her administrative duties, keeping track of all sales activities in the region.

Claudia´s past experiences

Claudia has worked for 20 years in sales and marketing and for more than ten years as a Business Leader of multinational training companies in Latin America. She is focused on results and teamwork, especially when different cultures and languages are involved.

Claudia loves SafeStart…

Claudia has worked in professional safety and safety training for many years and, especially with SafeStart, for more than a decade.  She finds the experience of working with a programme that saves lives is priceless. Focusing on the human side of safety – at work, at home and on the road – makes her role a worthwhile and enriching commitment.

Based on her experiences, for SafeStart, she mainly acts as:

  • Managing Director for Latin America
  • Financial advisor for all regions
  • Marketing and sales advocate.

Making it happen

Claudia has worked and interacted with people with many different cultural backgrounds. She enjoys getting involved with the team to make sure that the SafeStart concepts are implemented in as many companies as possible – and ultimately make the world safer.

“We are saving lives. We also motivate organisations to invest time in ‘Taking SafeStart at Home’, keeping your families safe”.

Based on her experiences, for SafeStart, she mainly acts as:

  • Advisor and coach to leadership teams
  • Finance advisory
  • Leader of SafeStart Latin America.