Philosophy & Values

SafeStart believes in making training in safety and operational excellence as interesting, exciting and practical as possible.  We do this through cultivating the understanding that awareness at the personal level leads to safer outcomes at work – as well as dramatically improved performance.

SafeStart: The human side of safety

Once safety awareness increases, injuries decrease: that is the proven equation upon which the SafeStart programme has been built. Rather than discounting existing knowledge, SafeStart reinforces safety awareness through hands-on skills that help employees in every sector remain alert to risk, whatever the time or place.

SafeStart provides those responsible for safety management a tried-and-tested range of strategies that will attract worker commitment when it comes to safety. Having gained a shared understanding and purpose, the safety culture is fortified for the long-term.

Through unique leveraging points and compelling ideas, SafeStart earns workers’ attention and maintains a round-the-clock commitment to safety.

Fewer injuries. Better productivity.

On average, organisations cut their injury rate in half following SafeStart.  Not only that but near-miss reporting improves, as does the effectiveness of communications throughout the workforce, regardless of role.

Companies that have come through the SafeStart programme go on to enjoy a drop in both production delays and waste along with a decline in repeated accidents such as back injuries and slips, trips and falls.  Our ongoing dialogues with employees in hazardous occupations who have successfully avoided injury has led us to a profound understanding of the critical role each and every person plays in maintaining safety, whether in the workplace, behind the wheel or elsewhere. As a result, our method sets out to optimise individual awareness.

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