Making safety personal

Did you know that more than 90% of accidents that happen at work, home and on the road are due to unintentional errors?

A safe workplace starts with employees. SafeStart paves the way for a culture change that increases employee engagement and improves productivity, quality and operational efficiency. It offers practical techniques to keep workers safe in all areas of life.


SafeStart has enabled thousands of companies around the world to reduce injuries and improve operational efficiency by increasing safety awareness and reducing human errors across all industries.


Easy to implement;

Complements other existing safety management systems

Helps to improve quality, customer service and productivity;

Most importantly,
it works!

SafeStart is a leader in advanced safety awareness training with presence in more than 60 countries, having trained more than 4 million people in over 3,500 companies.

Why invest in SafeStart?

Increased safety awareness results in a decrease in injuries. Though this sounds simple, it’s challenging to implement and even harder to sustain. SafeStart training overcomes these obstacles and provides the right skills to embrace the programme’s concepts.

On average, companies implementing SafeStart have seen a 50% - 70% decrease in injuries within a short period of time. Other benefits include increases in near miss reporting, improved supervision and communication among employees.

Every safety shortcut is the result of a personal decision that could have led to different outcomes. SafeStart helps reduce these often risky shortcuts through an effective combination of personal decision-making, motivation, awareness and safety skills.

With a timely training programme, SafeStart is an effective, economically viable solution. Workers learn skills that keep them safe not just at work but also in their personal life.

SafeStart provides EHS managers and supervisors with effective guidance to ensure that employees adhere to safety. With all workers aligned, the safety culture is strengthened.
With unique concepts and training methodology, SafeStart engages employees and keeps them committed to safety.

Off-the-job injury rates are significantly higher than on-the-job injury rates ,affecting businesses in many ways. SafeStart offers a world-class safety system that lets you follow a 24/7 approach to Safety.

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Who is behind SafeStart?

Larry Wilson is the person who brought the idea of human factors and Critical Error Reduction Techniques to the world. His programme has trained more than 4 million people in over 60 countries.

For the past twenty years he has built his reputation as a thought leader and an expert in Human Factor Safety, sharing his concepts and changing perceptions towards safety, injury prevention and performance at various events and platforms attended by 125,000 people.

Larry Wilson was a safety consultant when he saw the value in going beyond a simple behaviour-based safety programme (BBS). Once he discovered how great the requirement was across industries he created SafeStart, which was officially launched in 1998. After the launch of SafeStart, Larry developed other training programmes, such as SafeTrack, SafeStart Performance and Rate Your State, all of which can be aligned and used together with SafeStart concepts.

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